Zwilling 7-Piece Grooming Set, Taupe

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Zwilling 7-Piece Grooming Set, Taupe

This seven piece leather zip set consists of premium stainless steel tools to fulfull your head to toe grooming needs. Set includes: Nail Nippers, Nail Scissors, Cuticle Scissors, Slant Tweezer, Nail Cleaner, Cuticle Pusher, and a Sapphire Finished Nail File.Use the Slanted Tweezer to shape brows. The sharp nail scissors are excellent for trimming and cutting nails, while the fine-tipped cuticle scissors carefully and precisely trim cuticles. Use the Nail Cleaner to clean under nails and Nail Pusher to push back cuticles. Finish with Sapphire Nail File to shape and smooth nail edges. Clean each tool with isopropyl alcohol after use and store in case for protection and easy travel.

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