Zadro Ultimate Surround Light Wall Mount and LED Lighted Travel Makeup Mirror Bundle

by Zadro
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Zadro Ultimate Surround Light Wall Mount and LED Lighted Travel Makeup Mirror Bundle

Zadro’s Glamour Wall Mount Mirror is the Largest Lighted Dual Sided Wall Mirror on the Market!

The ultimate beauty routine calls for the best-lighted mirror reflections, and this bundle lets you achieve your best look anytime, anywhere.

With the Glamour Wall Mount Mirror being the largest dual-sided view on the market, you can effortlessly create any makeup or hairstyle thanks to the full view reflection before leaving the house.

And when you’re out enjoying life’s best moments on the road, keep the LED Lighted Travel Mirror in your handbag so you’ll be ready for touch-ups and feel your best at a moment’s notice.


Having these top-selling lighted mirrors at your fingertips is perfect for both full picture and up-close viewing, whether during your at-home beauty routine or while traveling.
Effortlessly create flawless full face looks while seeing up-close detail with the Glamour Wall Mount Mirror’s 1X and 5X magnifications.
Powerful fluorescent lighting of the Glamour Wall Mount Mirror is the perfect illumination even if you’re in a dim bathroom setting.
Use the best of both worlds even on the go with the LED Travel Mirror featuring two high-quality glass mirrors with a regular 1X magnification side for everyday viewing, and a powerful 10X magnification side to zoom in for eyebrow grooming or detailed eye makeup application.
Applying makeup on-the-go has never been easier with the LED Travel Mirror’s ability to stand fully upright on any tabletop surface for convenient hands-free use.


Product Dimensions: 14" W x 3½" D x 18" H
12” Dual Sided Mirror with Optical Quality Glass
Fluorescent Surround Lighting
Infinity Dimmer Switch (Located at the Base)
11” Dual Extending Arm
Dual-Sided 5X and 1X Magnification
270º Swivel Mirror Head with Rotational Stop
Base Plate Size: 6"

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