Zadro Surround Light Pedestal Vanity Mirror Dual-Sided 1X/10X

by Zadro
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Zadro Surround Light Pedestal Vanity Mirror Dual-Sided 1X/10X

Remarkably radiant.

Looking at our best requires reflecting the best. With two magnifications to choose from, doing your hair and makeup has never been easier.

Zadro's Surround Lighted Vanity Mirror features dual-sided, optical quality glass to ensure a clearer reflection of your true self. On one side, the 10X magnification is great for touch-ups, detail, and makeup application. On the other side, the 1X magnification is perfect for all-around hairstyling, cosmetics, and every beauty need in between.

No matter how dim the environment, the dual-sided, powerfully bright fluorescent light reproduces the effects of natural sunlight to illuminate your entire face. Also, an infinity dimmer switch is located at the base to soften and control the brightness levels for easier viewing on the eyes.

The mirror base includes a built-in power outlet as well so you can plug in anything from curling irons to blow dryers without the need of an extra nearby wall outlet.

Available in a stunning satin nickel finish.


Patented Design Illuminates both Front and Back Sides of Mirror for Even Light Dispersion at Any Angle
Dimmable Variable Fluorescent Technology for Easy Light Control
One of the Thinnest Dual-Sided Lighted Mirrors on the Market
Swivels 360° and Pivots to any Angle for Easy Viewing
Reproduces the Effects of Natural Sunlight
Additional Electrical Plug Located on Base


Round Optical Quality Glare Free, Shadow Free Glass Mirrors
Patented design Illuminates on both Front & Back Sides of Mirror
Mirror Swivels 360° and Pivots to Any Angle for Easy Viewing
Product Dimensions: 9.5" W x 7" D x 18" H
10X and Regular 1X Magnification
22 Watt Fluorescent Bulb (9") Produces Brightness Equivalent to 100 Watts
Mirror Dimensions: 7.5”
Polarized wall plug
Satin Nickel Finish

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