Zadro Surround Light Acrylic Vanity Mirror (7X)

by Zadro
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Zadro Surround Light Acrylic Vanity Mirror (7X)

Looking our best requires reflecting the best. Doing your hair and makeup has never been easier.

Zadro's Surround Light Vanity Mirror features optical quality glass to ensure a clearer reflection of your true self. The 7X magnifications are great for viewing up close in detail while still allowing you to see your entire face.

Surround Light technology amplifies light across the entire mirror face for an even light dispersion and shadow-free reflection. The super-bright fluorescent light recreates the effects of natural sunlight for a softer, more refreshing glow.

Available in a clear acrylic finish with chrome back plate.


Surround Light Technology Amplifies Light Evenly Across the Entire Mirror Face
Reproduces the Effects of Natural Sunlight
Mirror Head Swivels 180°


Patented Design Amplifies Light across the Entire Mirror Face
Acrylic Base swivel 180° for Easy Viewing at any Angle
100-Watt Fluorescent, 10,000 Hour, Long Life Bulb
Even Light Dispersion at Any Angle and Glare Free
Product Dimensions: 10" W x 3" D x 11" H
Polarized Wall Plug w/ On & Off Switch
Optical Quality Glass Mirror
Mirror Dimensions: 7"
7X & 5X Magnification Available
Clear acrylic finish with chrome back plate.

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