Wusthof Executive Chef 4 Piece BBQ Knife Set

by Wusthof
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Wusthof Executive Chef 4 Piece BBQ Knife Set

Wusthof Executive Chef, Chef Mike, teamed up with our product development specialists to create a line of BBQ tools that have function and purpose at the forefront of the design. Chef Mike loves grilling; in fact, he has several different types of grills and smokers in his own back yard that he uses throughout the year, whether it’s for a summer BBQ, a smoked Thanksgiving turkey, or steaks for a winter comfort food meal to warm up from the cold. The special features of each tool in this set were envisioned by Chef Mike himself, and we can’t wait for you to see what a difference they’ll make in your back yard, too.

The Four Piece Cheese Set includes:

13" Perforated Turner - 2771

The Turner features a 6½” commercial sized perforated paddle. The paddle is beveled at the edges to better separate items from the grill surface. The offset handle makes it easy for turning. In addition, the handle insulates to stay cool. 

13" Curved Meat Fork - 2772

A true meat fork with curved tines to easily move larger cuts of meat, roasts, or even whole turkeys without sliding off the fork. This meat fork will not bend while moving from the grill to a platter. It is sturdy enough to use as a cleaning tool/scraper on grill grates.

13½" Basting Brush (2-heads) - 2775

This brush features a 2 head design to allow brushing/glazing as well as mopping/basting. The silicone heads are removable for easy cleaning. The brush is over 15” length for cool hand operation.

14" Tongs - 2777

The tongs feature a spring for longer wear. The locking clip keeps tongs in the closed position when not in use. The tip is designed for dexterity; can pinch small items or grab and hold larger ones. The tongs are long enough to use parallel to the grill’s surface, or over the top to help keep hands cool.


Wusthof’s signature triple-rivet design.

Heat-resistant high-density POM handles construction. (Caution: Handles should never be exposed to direct heat or flame).

Easy care nonreactive stainless steel.

Tools were designed with long enough handles to protect your hands from flare-ups, but short enough to maintain control.

Brushed stain-free steel that is strong and durable without being too heavy to manage.

Built for balance and comfort.

The ring at the end of the handle to hang on grill hooks.

Dishwasher safe (but hand washing recommended).

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