Tribest Sedona Combo Digital 9-Tray Rawfood Dehydrator 220V

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Tribest Sedona Combo Digitally Controlled 9-Tray Rawfood Dehydrator SD-9150 with Two-Stage Sequential Temperature-Timer
The smart appliance you need to add convenience and health to your kitchen.

Now with the innovative Two-Stage Sequential Temperature-Timer (TST), the enhanced Sedona® Combo adds even more convenience to your kitchen by making it easier to preserve your nutrition-packed, whole living foods, naturally. The TST feature works in two modes to kickstart the dehydration process so that you will spend less time and effort to create your favorite nutrition-packed raw recipes. Just set the Sedona® to the Two-Stage Sequential Temperature-Timer and watch it run in “Fast” mode of up to 155°F for the first few hours, then automatically switch down to “Raw” mode of 118°F or less for the remaining dehydration time. With this revolutionary Two-Stage Sequential Temperature-Timer, the Sedona® Combo gives you the power to create healthier alternatives for all to enjoy, at the touch of a button.

The Sedona Combo Rawfood Dehydrator comes packed with outstanding features like the digital thermostat, dual fan technology, stainless steel handle, and a transparent glass door. These features combine to offer unparalleled control and whisper-quiet operation. With the revolutionary Two-Stage Sequential Temperature-Timer (TST), even more, control is at your fingertips. The TST allows you to set the Sedona Combo to kickstart the dehydration process at a higher temperature and then automatically lower the temperature to finish off the dehydration process. The automatic settings of the TST allow for faster dehydration times while still preserving your precious enzymes.

Certain fruits and vegetables with high water contents require a higher initial dehydrating temperature in order to prevent fermentation. Because of the high water content, the internal temperature of the food rises at a very slow rate. Starting at a high temperature for the first couple of hours does not degrade the precious nutrients of your food as long as the temperature is lowered to finish off the dehydration process. You used to have to set an alarm to remind yourself to come back to your dehydrator to lower the temperature. With the TST, this chore is handled automatically.

With the Sedona Combo Dehydrator, spend less time worrying and more time living.
What Makes It So Different?

Unique Raw & Health Food Friendly Features

The Sedona nine tray digital food dehydrator from Tribest is designed with health-conscious individuals in mind. The Sedona Dehydrator introduces ground-breaking features to ensure the highest quality of retained nutrients and taste in dehydrated fruits and vegetables :

Overheat Protection Feature keeps Raw Food from being Overheated!
Clear, Natural-colored BPA Free Trays & Mesh Screens
No Black Coloring Chemicals Used for food-contacting parts
Teflon Free, BPA Free drying sheets available (Poly-propylene or Silicone)
Upgraded User-Friendly Features

Enjoy a simple, yet intelligently designed interface. The operation of the Sedona is extremely easy with clearly marked controls and an easy to read digital display. The placement of the controls, hinges, glass panel and the LED display are carefully designed to maximize efficiency and ease of use. The Sedona is extremely quiet during operation and manages the heated air in the drying compartment evenly and accurately.

Computerized All-Digital Control/Display
Two-Stage Sequential Temperature-Timer (TST)
Dual Fan Technology
Glass Window
Internal LED Display
BPA-free body and trays
Debris Mat for easy cleanup
Chamber Divider Tray
Quiet Operation
Eco-Friendly Features

The Sedona Dehydrator operates much quieter than its competitors with higher efficiency. Dual Fan Technology allows you to operate each of the Sedona's two 300 watt computer-controlled fans and heating elements in the two drying compartments together or independently of each other. Discrete control over the two drying compartment allows the Sedona to operate at 600 watts or 300-watt power, depending on your needs.

A separate heat sensor monitors the current temperature of each independent fan-heater set within its own compartment which improves the efficiency and overall quality of the dehydration process.

Energy Efficiency with Dual Fan Technology
Closed Tray for Dividing Drying Chamber in Half
Quiet DC Motors for Lower Noise Pollution
Night-mode function for Even Quieter Performance
Non-Styrofoam Corrupad Paper Packaging Material Used


Unit Net Weight: 32 lbs (14.5 kg)
Unit Dimensions: 17(W) x 19.7(D) x (H)14.6 Inch (H)
Power Rating: 220V Euro, 60 Hz, 600W
Includes: 9 BPA Free Plastic Open Trays 9 BPA Free Plastic Mesh Tray Screens 1 BPA Free Plastic Closed Tray (Compartment Divider) 3 Drying Sheets 1 Detachable Power Cord 1 Operation Manual

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