Swissmar Fondue Recipe Book - English

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Swissmar Fondue Recipe Book - English

Colourful book with fondue party ideas, side dishes, drinks, a variety of fondue recipes, and fondue equipment guide.

Serving fondue is an easy and enjoyable way to entertain your friends in a relaxed, social atmosphere. It lets you prepare all the ingredients at your leisure and then enjoy the entire meal with your guests.


Everything is done right at the table and your guests all participate in cooking their own food.
Colorful skewers and fancy meatballs, fresh vegetables, rich meats, and delicate seafood- you'll find all the ingredients that go into this fondue to be appetite-pleasing.
Choose from any of these classic cheese or meat fondues, or more exotic specialties such as the mongolian hot pot.
Pair with your favorite dips and side dishes, and you have an instant party where the guests do the cooking.

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