Swissmar Biel 11-PC Copper Fondue Set

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Swissmar Biel 11-PC Copper Fondue Set
Swiss cooks began cooking meat in hot oil as an alternative to their beloved cheese fondue - a kind of French-fried meat supper.
As the inspiration behind the Swissmar "Biel/Bienne" fondue, the Swiss city of Biel/Bienne is rich in Swiss heritage, innovation and quality craftsmanship. Known as the heart of the Swiss watch-making industry, this scenic and historical city thrives on highly-specialized precision manufacturing and is the home of the most prestigious luxury watches in the world. The city of Biel/Bienne lies at the foot of the first mountain range of the Jura Mountains. It is located on the language boundary and is bilingual throughout. Biel is the German name for the town and Bienne its French counterpart, but it is often referred to in both languages simultaneously.


Pot is made of 0.8mm thick, 18/8 copper-plated stainless steel
Tapered opening to keep the heat inside the pot, allowing the oil or broth to remain above 350 degrees Fahrenheit without spattering
Traditional pot design with hammered mirror finish
Versatile: also great for one-pot meals such as chili, hearty soups, Swedish meatballs, hot nacho and veggie dips
Size: 20 x 20 x 21cm / 8" x 8" x 8.4

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