Swiss Diamond Induction Nonstick Soup Pot - 5.5 qt (9.5")

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Swiss Diamond Induction Nonstick Soup Pot

The 5.5 qt. (9.5 in.) Swiss Diamond Induction Soup Pot is ideal for preparing, cooking, and serving your favorite soups, sauces, pasta, vegetables, seafood, and more. The wide cast-aluminum bottom allows sautéing of ingredients before liquids are added for even more delicious cooking results. The tight-fitting glass lid features a metal rim and an adjustable vent for superior steam control. Swiss Diamond's patented nonstick coating ensures easy clean-up with just warm, soapy water and a gentle sponge. This item is ideal for preparing family dinners or simply cooking large batches and freezing the leftovers for a meal that will last all week.


Dimensions: 24cm (9.5")
Weight: 2.22kg (4.89lb)
Depth: 13cm (5.12")
Volume: 5.2l (5.5qt)
Base Diameter: 7.3in ( 18.50cm)
Lid: Heat-tempered glass (9.5")
Oven-safe: Up to 500°F (260°C)
Cleaning: Dishwasher safe; hand wash recommended
Recommended Stovetops: Induction, Gas, Electric, Radiant Ring, Ceramic, Halogen

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