Swiss Diamond 8” Carving Knife & 7” Fork 2 Piece Set

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Swiss Diamond 8” Carving Knife & 7” Fork 2 Piece Set

For those looking for optimal precision in carving and stability, the Swiss Diamond Knives Carving Set will provide high-quality performance and superior control. Featuring a Carving Knife with a super sharp cutting edge, and a 7” Carving Fork that provides extraordinary comfort and control, you are sure to be satisfied.  

Swiss Diamond recommends you realign the knife blade weekly, and bring the knives to a professional knife sharpener to ensure high-quality performance. Each Swiss Diamond Knife undergoes an 8 stage process of grinding and sharpening, making the cutting edge extremely sharp and easy to maintain.

The set includes:-

8” Carving Knife
7” Fork



  • Dimensions: Varies
  • Weight: TBD
  • Oven-safe: N/A
  • Cleaning: Hand wash, and thoroughly dry before putting away
  • Recommended Use: holiday cooking & carving meats

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