Swiss Diamond 3 Piece Essentials Knife Set

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Swiss Diamond 3 Piece Essentials Knife Set

If you’re looking to try out Swiss Diamond Knives, but aren’t quite ready to invest in the Complete Knife Set, this Swiss Diamond Knives Three Piece Set is the perfect solution for you. Experience the power, versatility and control of the most popular and useful knives in the collection. Made from the highest-quality German steel and ice hardened for maximum blade strength, these knives will stay sharp through all the slicing, dicing, and mincing you throw their way.

Swiss Diamond recommends you realign the knife blade weekly for optimal performance, and take the knives to a professional knife sharpener to ensure an enhanced overall experience. Each knife undergoes an 8 stage process of grinding and sharpening, making each cutting edge super sharp and easy to maintain.

The set includes:

3.5” Paring Knife
8” Chef’s Knife
8.5” Bread Knife


Dimensions: Varies
Weight: TBD
Oven-safe: N/A
Cleaning: Hand wash, and thoroughly dry before putting away
Recommended Use: Perfect set for the first time knife owner

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