Sunny Air Magnetic Rowing Machine Rower, LCD Monitor w/ Device Holder and Aluminum Slide Rail

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Sunny Air Magnetic Rowing Machine Rower, LCD Monitor w/ Device Holder and Aluminum Slide Rail

Immerse yourself into a smooth yet intense full body workout experience with the Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW5730 Air Magnetic Rower with Aluminum Slide Rail. Burst through fitness plateaus using the dynamic dual Air Magnetic resistance system to target the muscles in your arms, back, legs, and core. The 8 levels of adjustable magnetic resistance work with a 3.75-pound flywheel to provide a micro adjustable function for exercisers of all fitness levels, while an integrated fan resistance system responds to each pull with as much resistance as the user can generate. The durable Aluminum Slide Rail provides a smooth low acoustic rowing experience, while allowing for a user weight capacity of up to 265 pounds. Track your progress with the ease using the digital display to measure stroke count, workout time, RPM, calories burned, and distance traveled.

Digital Monitor

Easily check all your workout stats in real time to ensure you are meeting your health and fitness goals. Track stroke count, workout time, RPM, calories burned, and distance traveled with a single easy to use control button.

Device Holder

With a convenient built in tablet holder, place your mobile device in easy view as you follow along to your favorite work out videos.

Non-Slip Handlebars

Slip resistant handlebars with soft padded foam grip provide comfort and support to help you maintain performance throughout your workout.

8-Level Adjustable Resistance

As you increase your rowing speed and strength, the 8 levels of precise magnetic resistance will keep your ride fluid while the internal fan provides progressive resistance to each stroke much like a traditional air rowing machine.

Wide Cushioned Seat

Developed with your comfort in mind, the SF-RW5730 oversized padded seat provides a soft secure ride. Measuring at 11L x 14W x 2H inches, this seat will help reduce the uncomfortable feeling of muscle tingling and tail bone pressure as you build up to longer and more intense workouts.

Non-Slip Pedal W/Adjustable Strap

Designed to ensure safety and performance during your most intense workouts, the coarse slip resistant foot pedals will house all foot sizes. Attached foot straps secure your feet, so you can focus on the workout and not your feet sliding off the foot pedals

Transportation Wheels

Transportation and storage are made easy with simple transportation wheels and a unique foldable slide rail. This space saving design allows for greater storage options and freedom to place your rower in an area conducive to your workout needs.



Monitor: scan, time, count, rpm, calories, distance
8 Resistance levels
Single handlebar
Progressive fan/air resistance
Device holder


Wide cushioned seat
Seat dimensions: 11L X 14W X 2H in
Non-slip handlebar
Adjustable foot pedal straps
Transportation wheels


265 lb. weight capacity
3.75 lb flywheel
Dual air/magnetic resistance
Aluminum slide rail
39 in slide rail length
41 in slide rail inseam


Product weight: 44 lb
Product dimensions: : 75.79L X 20W X 26H in
Folded dimensions: 31L X 20W X 48.5H in
Ship weight: 52.9 lb
Ship dimensions: 42.7L X 10W X 30.1H in

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