Staub Ceramics 16-oz Petite Tomato Cocotte, Cherry

by Staub
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Staub Ceramics 16-oz Petite Tomato Cocotte, Cherry
The Staub Ceramic Tomato Cocotte was created following the resounding success of the Staub Pumpkin. We took our design inspiration from the heirloom Brandywine cultivar, which are considered among the very best tasting tomatoes in the world. A beautiful complimentary piece for the collector, the Staub Ceramic Tomato Cocotte delivers on both the culinary functionality and the oven-to-table elegance you've come to expect from Staub. It is both a festive and functional addition to your stoneware collection. Its porcelain finish and exceptional quality make it the perfect vessel for preparing a wide variety of casseroles, and baked dishes, and makes an elegant and memorable serving piece.


Glass porcelain finish
Highly scratch resistant
Dishwasher safe
Oven safe up to 572F
Highly impact and thermal shock resistant
High polished rim won't scratch surfaces
Easy to clean
Made in China.


Substance: Ceramic
Net weight: 1.90 lbs
Height of product: 4.25 in

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