Staub Cast Iron 7-qt Braise & Grill, Cherry

by Staub
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Staub Cast Iron 7-qt Braise & Grill

Rooted in French culinary heritage, Staub's enameled cast iron is the top choice for professional and home chefs alike. The 7 QT. Braise & Grill boasts two pans in one great package. The lid to this large Dutch oven can also be used as a grill pan for stovetop grilling. From simmering stews to braised short ribs, every dish benefits from cast iron's even heating and excellent heat retention. Staub cookware transitions from the oven to the table beautifully, thanks to the exquisite enameled finish.

Specification :-

Net weight: 16.09 lbs
Capacity: 7.00 qt
Height of product: 6.10 in
Substance: Cast Iron