Stamina Power Tower 1698 Solid Steel Frame

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Stamina Power Tower 1698 Solid Steel Frame

Full-Featured Workout
Tone and strengthen the back, bicep, tricep and core muscles using the Stamina Power Tower 1698. This Power Tower comes stocked with multiple stations to get the job done.

The pull-up station has multiple grip options to target different areas, including close grip, wide grip and chin-ups. Keep the dip station at its regular height to target the triceps or lower it for an effective chest and tri workout with push-ups. To strengthen the core, place your arms in the wide padded loops for hanging leg raises.

Keep the Comfort
Each station has padded grips to promote stability and aid in proper form. A large cushion also protects your lower back during leg raises.

With its durable construction, the Power Tower 1698 is designed to withstand even the toughest of workouts. Anti-skid endcaps on the Tower protect your floor space.

Build the toned, strong body you desire with the Stamina Power Tower 1698.


Pull-up station with multiple grip options
Dip station with adjustable height for push-ups
Padded loops for hanging leg raises
Padded cushion and handlebars for comfort
Durable, stable construction
Anti-skid endcaps


Material:Solid steel frame, vinyl upholstery
Product Color:Black
Comfort Elements:Padded loops for hanging leg raises, padded back cushion and handlebars for comfort
Targeted Training:Arms, shoulders, back, abs, chest
Assembly:Assembly required
Dimensions:80.25" x40" x35"
Weight:54 lbs
Weight Limit:250 lbs.

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