Bio Bidet SlimGlow The World's First Bidet Attachment Featuring a Night Light.

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Bio Bidet The World's First Bidet Attachment Featuring a Night Light.

Clean in Comfort.

Redefine your bathroom experience with the new standard in bidet attachments. The SlimGlow features a sleek incline to complement your natural position, as well as a soothing blue night light. Control your clean with the comfort grip pressure control knob and dual nozzle cleansing options. Designed for an easy DIY install, there’s no need to call a plumber. Simply place the attachment and connect directly to your fresh water supply with our provided quality brass adapter and braided metal hose. No wires. No extra plumbing. No hassle. Say goodbye to toilet paper, and say hello to a cleaner, healthier lifestyle.

Features & Functions

Exclusive Relax Fit
Easy Grip Control Dial
Soothing Night Light
Dual Nozzle Spray
Unified Brass Valve
Thin Double-Sided Body
Adjustable Water Pressure
P.S.P.C Technology
Universal Brass T-Valve as Standard Supply
Durable Braided Water Hose Supply

What's In The Box

SlimGlow bidet attachment
1ea 7/8" universal brass T
1ea braided fill valve water supply hose
1ea manual
2ea protective rubber gaskets
1ea Teflon tape

Designed with your bathroom in mind.

Visually subtle.

The SlimGlow has an all-new design that takes a completely different approach to add to your bathroom’s aesthetic rather than taking away from it while providing Bio Bidet’s standard of functionality and performance.

The slim and stylish design is 50% thinner and 100% more durable than competing products. The SlimGlow is reinforced with an internal metal frame making it one of the most reliable bidet attachments.

Redefining Clean.

Huge Performance, Minimal Effort.

Fresh, clean, and simple! The SlimGlow easily attaches to your existing toilet to transform it into a hygienic cleansing spa which leaves you feeling clean and refreshed every time. The best part is that it requires absolutely no electricity. By connecting directly to your fresh water supply, the SlimGlow provides a continuous water stream at varying pressures which can be adjusted by the P.S.P.C (Positive Stepping Pressure Control) selection dial.

The solid brass parts such as the new silver brass pressure control stem and silver brass ball valve as well as a unified ABS valve provide durability and an unsurpassed water stream.

There Are No Limits.

Usable by Anyone.

With the dual nozzle, the SlimGlow offers a cleansing solution for the entire family. The universal posterior wash delivers a robust spray and can be used by anyone regardless of gender. The alternate feminine wash can be used by those who prefer a softer cleanse.


No wires. No extra plumbing. No hassle.

How does a bidet work without electricity?

The answer is simple. By connecting the bidet directly to your fresh water line, it is able to run on only water pressure.

Non-electric bidets are affordable, easy to install, saves you money on toilet paper, and do not cost you a cent in electricity. This is why non-electric bidets are considered to be the most economical type of bidet.

Entirely Accessible.

Easy controls for maximum cleansing.

The SlimGlow comes equipped with P.S.P.C Pressure control dial knobs which allow the user to physically feel each level up as they increase the pressure with the dial. This is a useful feature for those with mobility restrictions who find it difficult or uncomfortable to visually check what they are selecting.

1 Year limited warranty.
100% coverage.

Bio Bidet values your business and always attempts to provide you the very best of service.

Bio Bidet SlimGlow comes with 100% warranty coverage for 1 full year from date of purchase.

It's a commitment from Bio Bidet to maintain a high degree of quality, dependability, and reliability.



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