Pizzacraft Aluminum Deep Dish Pan And Splatter Screen

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Pizzacraft Aluminum Deep Dish Pan And Splatter Screen

The 10" Anodized Aluminum Deep Dish Pan and Splatter Screen lets you make more than just pizza! Now you can cook deep dish pizzas, steaks, chicken, and seafood in your pizza oven.

The heavy-weight aluminum construction, makes it a great heat conductor to evenly cook any dish. The hard anodized aluminum creates a durable, non-stick surface. The splatter guard keep the inside of your oven clean and safe. The handles fold up against the edge of the pan for better storage. The rim of the pan is rolled, making it a safe serving piece that can be presented straight from the oven. The 10" pan also gives you ample cooking area.


Weight : 1.2 lb
Dimensions Pan Closed: 10.71"x19.81"x1.65" . Screen: 10.39"x13.86"x0.59"
Material : Aluminum, Stainless Steel

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