NutriMill Plus 1200 Watts High Speed Grain Mill Flour Grinder

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NutriMill Plus 1200 Watts High-Speed Grain Mill Flour Grinder

The "Plus" is the newest and most advanced grain mill in the NutriMill lineup. It grinds all grains, legumes, corns, rices into fresh, nutritious flour. The NutriMill Plus' self-cleaning Micronizing Chamber is surrounded by a re-engineered muffling barrier and sound insulation to ensure quiet milling.The patent pending filtration system uses a dual cyclone cup, canister chamber, and diffusing filter for a cleaner milling experience. The NutriMill Plus uses a 2 speed motor and texture control switch so you can easily choose between ultra fine to coarse flour with every batch.

The grain feed design allows you to turn the unit off anytime during the milling process without damaging the motor or milling heads.Whole grains are a super food. The problem is most of the time when a product is labeled whole grain it really isn't.Because milled grains have a short shelf life many of the naturally existing oils and minerals are removed from commercially milled flour and additives are put in to improve 'nutrition' and 'freshness'. The result is you consuming chemicalized food.

NutriMill grain grinders and seed mills give you the flexibility to create raw, natural, pure flour on demand. If you want to know where your food comes from there is no better way than to mill it yourself in your own home. With a NutriMill grain mill, you will not only reap all the flavor and health benefits of whole grain nutrition, your budget will also reap the benefits of taking the milling company out of the whole grain equation.

24 Cup Bowl Capacity/16 cup Hopper Capacity Flour Canister Sits Side by Side During Operation
Patient Pending 4 Stage Filtration System for Ultra Clean Milling
2 Speed Motor/1200 Watts
Superior Stainless Steel "Microburst" Milling Heads With Pre-Cracker
Patent Pending "Whispermill" Technology for Lowest Decibel Milling Experience (15% Quieter than the NutriMill Classic)
Collapsible Hopper and Clever Nesting Design for Easy Storage
Mill Fresh Flour Directly Into the Canister or Into Freezer Safe Bags
Dimensions: 17"x11"x15.25"

Package Includes:
NutriMill Plus
Cyclo Cup
Flour Bagger Ring
10 Freezer Safe Flour Bags

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