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NACHTMANN Muse Bordeaux Wine Glass 2 Piece Set 98061

Since the company was founded by Michael Nachtmann in 1834, we have steadily expanded our reputation as a specialist for attractive products made of crystal glass. In 2004, we became the lifestyle brand of Riedel Glassworks, a family-owned business with an impressive history spanning over 200 years.

Together, we pass on the knowledge and tradition of glassmaking from generation to generation. With a deep passion for design, we are dedicated to the preservation and development of this craft of crystal glass manufacturing.  

By looking at our past, we actively shape our future. Based on a tradition of craftsmanship dating back more than 180 years, we develop nature-friendly production processes in one of the most modern production facilities in Europe. In the best German tradition, we create the combination of craftsmanship, the strictest quality control, new technologies and a passion for perfection.  

As a confirmation of our self-imposed commitment to sustainable and nature-friendly action, we renewed our DIN ISO 14001 certification in 2010. It confirms our commitment to introducing an environmental management system back in 2001.  

Luxuriantly decorated using real gold in a Greek key design, these glasses are the very essence of opulence and savior vivre.  

The classical decoration of MUSE hints not only at antique architecture, richly ornamented reliefs and friezes, but also stylistic elements which grace contemporary fashion and sophisticated interior design.  

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