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Miracle Blade World flash forged Stainless Steel Carving Knife

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Miracle Blade

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 Miracle Blade World Class Flash Forged Stainless Steel Carving Knife

With all-new, perfectly balanced handles, flash forged technology, the Miracle Blade Knives has the right knife for every job.   

German Stainless Steel

Flash forged, heated to over 2000 degrees, then immersed into liquid nitrogen to 427 degrees below zeero. Never need sharpening.

Razor-sharp edges cut with precision

Provide precision control for quick chopping, slicing, cutting and dicing. Honed and polished to perfection.

Ergonomic handle

Professionally riveted handles and our patented pinch grip that stops slipping and sliding. created to cut for left-handed or right-handed.  

Features & Benefits: 


  •  Never Dull - Never need sharpening.  
  •  Provide Precision Control - For quick chopping, slicing, cutting and dicing.  
  •  Comfortable Composite Handles - Easy grip stops slipping and sliding.  
  • Dishwasher Safe - Quick and painless cleanup.  
  • Attractive Design - Enhances any kitchen decor.