Medi-Rub Corporation Foot & Body Massager

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Medi-Rub Corporation Foot & Body Massager
Give yourself the gift of maximum relief with the purchase of both Medi-Rub Massagers.

Enjoy the powerful performance of the invigorating  Foot Massager combined with the deep tissue massage of the versatile, softly cushioned.

Use Medi-Rub Massagers to increase localized circulation to the areas of the body being massaged. Increased circulation provides greater blood flow and delivers oxygen and essential nutrients to damaged, inflamed or injured tissue. Regular use of Medi-Rub Foot and Body massagers triggers a systemic release of endorphins, relieving stress and strain and promoting an overall sense of well-being. Medi-Rub Massagers can also help reduce the pain, numbness and tingling associated with neuropathy, a form of nerve damage.

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