Magimix CS5200 XL 1100W Multifunction Food Processor Brushed Chrome

by Magimix
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Magimix CS5200 XL 1100W Multifunction Food Processor Brushed Chrome

Invented by Magimix and manufactured entirely in France, the multifunction food processor has become an invaluable help for everyday cooking and special gourmet occasions.
Cuisine Système 5200 XL - The ultimate workhorse. If you entertain a lot, batch bake or cook for your deep freeze, this model gives you all the flexibility you need.
Spiral Expert Included:
Spiral Expert transforms your fruits and vegetables into Spaghetti, Tagliatelle, Fusilli.


Offering maximum functionality within a single machine:
Grating carrots or potatoes,
Slicing cucumbers or tomatoes,
Chopping meat, blending soups,
Whizzing up milkshakes,
Emulsifying sauces,
Kneading brioche, bread dough or shortcrust pastry,
Whipping cream or whisking egg whites.


3 buttons to access all functions.
The motor automatically adjusts its power depending on what’s in the mixing bowl.
Accessory box for compact and safe storage.
All accessories are dishwasher safe.


As well as the Main bowl, Magimix Food Processors have Midi and Mini bowls.
Each bowl functions independently allowing you to carry out several tasks in succession.
Main Bowl: for all preparations of the large quantity
Midi Bowl: for all types of slicing & grating
Mini Bowl: with the specific mini blade for small quantities


Entirely manufactured in France, in Burgundy, a region of France noted for its gastronomy,
Direct drive = Better output (No belt, no gears, no parts that wear out)
On a base of 100 W used you’ll get 90 W power.
Stainless steel blades & discs made in Thiers (the world-renowned French cutlery capital). Sabatier seal of approval (the reference in high-class kitchen knives)

Standard Accessories:

Extra-large feed tube enables the slicing and shredding of whole or large pieces of fruit & vegetables.
Mini bowl / mini blade ideal for chopping: herbs, onions; baby food, small quantities, and salad dressings.
Main bowl or mincing, mixing, chopping, kneading, grating, slicing, whipping
Blendermix a finer and improved blend for velouté soups, smoothies, pancake, and waffle batters.
Egg whisk whisking egg whites and creams for desserts (mousse, meringue...)
Slicing discs 2 mm and 4 mm: fine or thick slicing. Stainless steel Sabatier disc.
Spatula for easy cleaning.
Triple pusher perfect for mayonnaise and salad dressings.
Midi bowl ideal for slicing and grating all types of preparation (fruits, vegetables, cheese, salami).
Knife blade for chopping, crushing, blending, mixing... Stainless steel Sabatier knife blade.
Dough blade for heavy pasta dough, bread dough, brioche, and pastry.
Citrus press 2 cones provided for smaller fruits and larger fruits: lemons, limes, grapefruit...
Grating discs 2 mm and 4 mm: fine or thick grating. Stainless steel Sabatier disc.
Instruction & recipe book instructions for use combined with 100 exciting ideas from starters to desserts.


Main bowl: 16 cups. Bpa-free
Midi bowl: 12 cups. Bpa-free
Mini bowl: 6 cups. Bpa-free
Recipe book: 100 Ideas
Cleaning spatula: 1

Processing capacities:
Brioche dough: 2.4 lb
Bread dough: 2.9 lb
Shortcrust pastry: 3.8 lb
Soup/juice: 2 qt
Meat: 3.1 lb
Carrots: 3.1 lb
Egg whites: 8
Material: bpa-free
Power: 1100 w
Dimensions : h17.6" x w8.3" x d10.3"
Weight: 24.5 lb

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