Kyocera Revolution 6" Chef 5" Micro Serrated 3" Paring 3 Piece Ceramic Knife Set

by Kyocera
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Kyocera Revolution Series Ultimate Ceramic 3 Piece Knife Set

Set Includes 6” Chef 5” Micro Serrated & 3” Paring Knife

This ultimate ceramic chef set includes a 6” Chef’s Knife, 5” Micro Serrated Knife, and 3” Paring Knife, the essential tools for any home cook preparing fresh meals daily. This 3-piece chef set includes the must-have knives for anyone needing to prepare fast and healthy meals every day.

6” Chef’s Knife

The 6” Chef’s Knife is an all-purpose knife, the ultimate cutting tool for everyday slicing of fruits, vegetables, boneless meats, and fish.

5” Micro Serrated Knife

The 5” Micro Serrated Knife has a serrated edge that effortlessly glides through waxy skins found on tomatoes or any food with a tough skin and soft middle.

3” Paring Knife

The 3” Paring Knife is ideal for detailed tasks like trimming, peeling, mincing and creating garnishes.

Features & Benefits:

Unrelenting Sharpness: razor-sharp blade stays sharper longer. Kyocera advanced ceramic blades offer superior edge retention, holding their edge at least 10 times longer than other professional cutlery, including high carbon steel.

Unparalleled Purity: Will never brown foods. No metallic ions to transfer – won’t alter the taste, smell or appearance of food. Will never rust.

Ultra Lightweight: Perfectly balanced and light, reduces fatigue during repetitive cutting tasks.

Zirconia Z206: Kyocera’s proprietary advanced ceramic. This translates to a stronger, denser blade that holds an edge longer than other ceramic knives.

Care & Use:

To remove stubborn discolorations, wash the blade (avoiding the handle) in a mild solution of baking soda and water.

Do not leave the knife in sink. Always store a knife in a block or tray to prevent accidents.

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