Kyocera Innovation Z212 Ceramic 4.5" Utility 5.5" Santoku 7" Chef 3 Pc Knife Set

by Kyocera
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Kyocera Innovation Series Ceramic Knife 3 PC Set

Includes: 4.5” Utility, 5.5” Santoku & 7” Chef’s Knife

Through technology and innovation, KYOCERA introduces a new advanced ceramic cutlery series featuring our new Z212 ceramic blade that will stay sharper 2x longer, a soft ergonomically crafted handle for comfort and control, and an upper angled handle to blade interface that will make cutting a breeze. Z212 Ceramic Blade is a new advanced ceramic developed by Kyocera utilizing innovative ceramic material technology. An extremely hard material that will maintain sharpness 2x longer than conventional Kyocera ceramic blades. The Ergonomically Designed, Soft-Touch Handle fits in hand comfortably and provides an easy grip for safe handling, and the soft grip material provides comfort and control. The upward angle of the handle to the blade allows for easier cutting on a cutting board.

3 Piece Set Includes:

4.5" Utility Knife - Black Ceramic Blade Soft Touch Handle

The versatile Utility Knife, a larger version of a paring knife, is perfect for mincing shallots, onions, and herbs, as well as cutting vegetables or small meats. 

5.5" Santoku Knife - Black Ceramic Blade Soft Touch Handle

The Santoku knife is a traditional Japanese shape with a straight cutting edge and extra knuckle clearance. Perfect for slicing, dicing, and mincing. It's lightweight, well balanced, sharp as can be, and comfortable to hold.

7" Chef's Knife - Black Ceramic Blade Soft Touch Handle

The Chef's knife also called a cook’s knife has a broad blade tapering upward to a point, allowing the knife to rock back and forward for fast mincing. A greater length usually translates to faster, easier slicing, but if you have small hands, a shorter knife would be easier to control. 


Unrelenting Sharpness: razor-sharp blade stays sharper longer. Kyocera advanced ceramic blades offer superior edge retention, holding their edge at least 2 times longer than other professional cutlery, including high carbon steel.
Unparalleled Purity: Will never brown foods. No metallic ions to transfer – won’t alter the taste, smell or appearance of food. Will never rust.
Ultra Lightweight: Perfectly balanced and light, reduces fatigue during repetitive cutting tasks.
 Z212 Ceramic Blade: Kyocera’s proprietary advanced ceramic. This translates to a stronger, denser blade that holds an edge longer than other ceramic knives.

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