Fissler 6 Piece 6.4qt and 2.7qt Vitavit Premium Pressure Cooker Set

by Fissler
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Fissler 6 Piece 6.4qt and 2.7qt Vitavit Premium Pressure Cooker Set

Healthy cooking – innovative features and easy to use

Fissler vitavit premium pressure cooker are the perfect solution for healthy, flavorful time-saving meals. This 6 piece set contains a: 6.4qt (6.0L) vitavit pressure cooker, the 2.7qt (2.5L) vitavit pressure skillet, pressure lid, glass lid, perforated insert and tripod. Features include a unique lid positioning aid, three adjustable cooking levels for speed, gentle or steam cooking and a locking lid indicator. The vitavit pressure control system includes a visual indicator to show when to lower the temperature of the stove at the onset of cooking time or when the temperature in the cooker has become too high. All models are equipped with a measuring scale and a handy steamer insert. The pressure skillet doubles as the ultimate frying pan, featuring the patented novogrill bottom: a unique honeycomb texture perfect for low-oil grilling, searing and frying.The cookstar all stove base creates optimal heat absorption, retention and distribution, cooking foods better and faster on every stove top. The removable handle makes your pressure cooker easy to clean and dishwasher safe.


Positioning aid: For easy and accurate positioning of the lid.
Cooking settings: For gentle and speed settings.
Pressure control system: Makes it easy to manage the pressure cooking process.
Locking indicator: Allows you to see and hear when the pressure cooker is firmly locked.
Depressurizing: Releases the pressure easily and safely
Steam without pressure: For extremely gentle cooking without pressure. An additional feature that eliminates the need for a separate steamer
Removable handle: For easy cleaning.
Reach-through handle: Ensures a safe and secure grip.
The energy saving cookstar all-stove base can be used on all stoves, even induction, and ensures optimal heat absorption, distribution and retention.

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