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Dr. Fuji Fujiiryoki Cyber Fit Body Slimmer Vibration Massager FJ-090B

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Dr. Fuji

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 Dr. Fuji Cyber Fit Body Building Workout Vibration Machine FJ-090B


Consume the unwanted fat on hip, on waist and on add on abdomen by vibration and massage. Therefore, polish the skin and reshape the body.

Regulate the neural system

Improve conductive ability of nerve cells, regulate the neural system and mitigate neurasthenic.

Simulate Intestine

Refresh you by simulating intestine and cure constipation by massage the points according to ancient Chinese medical theory.

Better constitution and enhance immunity

Keep fit without burden and better constitution and enhance immunity by enhancing local circulation of blood.

Spur Circulation of blood and improve metabolism

With age growing detrimental stuffs like cholesterol, calcium will deposit in the vein and stiffen the vein causing high blood pressure and Anoxemia even coronary heart disease. Frequent vibration by SBS (Super Body Shaper) spurs circulation of blood therefore dissolve the detrimental stuffs with metabolism and finally evacuate them.


  1. Reduction of cellulite
  2.  Reduction of body fat levels
  3. Reduction of training time
  4. Requires very little effort
  5. Improves metabolism
  6. Increased muscle strength
  7. Lowers some stress hormones
  8. Improves circulation
  9. Fewer varicose veins


  • Frequency Setting: 0-30 Hz
  • Speed Range: 30
  • Settings Programs: 8
  • Amplitude: 1-24 m
  • User Weight Capability: 385 lbs
  • Size: 58 in x 28 in x 25 in
  • Weight: 146 lbs
  • Platform Dimensions: 24 in X 12 in
  • Vibration Type: Pivotal
  • Maximum Power: 2.00 hp