Chefs Choice Scissor Pro Diamond Hone Electric Scissors Sharpener Model 500

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Chef's Choice ScissorPro Diamond Hone Electric Scissors Sharpener Model 500

Imagine super sharp scissors all the time! The ScissorPro® electric scissors sharpener uses 100% diamond abrasives and built-in precision angle guides to help you quickly and easily apply professional quality edges.  It sharpens a wide variety of household scissors including delicate embroidery scissors,  knife-edge shears and even poultry shears!  Safe for quality scissors. No disassembly of scissors required.  It can be used for left-handed or right-handed scissors.  You’ll never again have to waste valuable time and money sending scissors out for sharpening!  Features a sturdy, compact design.  Engineered and assembled in the U.S.  Not intended for barber shears, pinking or scallop-edge shears.


Sharpen your scissors at home and achieve professional quality sharpness with unparalleled simplicity! The ScissorPro® Electric Scissors Sharpener Model 500 is a must have tool for those who rely on sharp scissors:

For household, sewing, kitchen and crafts scissors
Sharpens both conventional and knife-edge scissors
Safe for quality scissors, never detempers the edge
Sharpens right- or left-handed scissors
2-Stage 100% diamond abrasives
Applies more durable, double-bevel edge
Precision guides for easy, foolproof results
Sharpens without need to disassemble scissors

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