Charles Viancin 4 Pc Food Storage Silicone Suction Lid Set Farmers Market

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New Charles Viancin 4 Pc  Food Storage Reusable Silicone   Suction Lid Set Farmer's Market

a beautiful and practical way to store food

4 Pc Set Includes 8" Eggplant, 9" Tomato, 11" Artichoke, 10" x 14" AsparagusLids

The Charles Viancin Nature Collection is a stunning assortment of FDA approved silicone and lead/cadmium free stoneware products that are as beautiful as they are functional. Charles Viancin of Paris makes your life easier and better with creations inspired by nature that can go straight from the oven to your table. Put a little French flare into your life.


Creates an air-tight seal to keep food fresh for longer and seal in heat during cooking
Reusable Silicone means no more wasting or struggling with plastic wrap or aluminum foil
Unique design fits on any smooth-rimmed bowl or pot, including glass, ceramic, wood and more
Microwave safe silicone material allows for quick cooking, steaming, and Dishwasher reheating
Safe at high temperatures to help prevent stove-top splatters and retain steam during cooking
Prevents spills by creating an air-tight, water-tight seal around any rounded surface
100% food grade silicone
Safe from 428°F to 40°F


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