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Bio Bidet Luxury Class A8 Serenity Advanced Bidet Toilet Seat Round with Remote Control

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Bio Bidet

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Bio Bidet Luxury Class A8 Serenity Advanced Bidet Toilet Seat Round with Remote Control

Warm Air Dryer

Reduce the need for toilet paper with a built in adjustable warm air dryer.

Heated Water

The hybrid heating system provides instant and limitless warm water.

Half the Size, Twice the Control

The slim and sleek design of our new dual sided remote indulges every sense. No need to long for more, because it's all right there; just a touch away.

Powerful Deodorizer

Keep your bathroom fresh with the automatic odor reducing deodorizer.

Stainless Steel Nozzle

Durable and resilient, the stainless steel nozzle includes rear and front wash options.

Night Light

Easily find your way at night with the soothing glow of the night light.

Adjustable Heated Seat

Experience complete comfort with the adjustable heated seat.

Toilet Type

Bio Bidet Seats fit most one and two-piece toilets. Make sure your toilet type is compatible before purchasing.

Toilet Fit

Make sure to check your toilet size before purchasing. Measure from the center of the bolt holes to the edge of the bowl to confirm your size.  


This is an electric bidet toilet seat that requires a nearby GFCI outlet. The power cord is 4 feet long.

Features Include:

  • Hybrid Warm Water
  • Heated Seat
  • Warm Air Dryer
  • Stainless Steel Nozzle
  • Adjustable Water Pressure
  • Adjustable Nozzle Position
  • Night Light
  • Slow Closing Seat & Lid
  • Hideaway Installation
  • Deodorizer
  • Seat Sensor
  • Wireless Remote
  • DIY Install
  • Massage Wash
  • User Presets



 Model Luxury Class A8 Serenity
Material Plastic
Color White
Room Bathroom
Shape Round
Style Modern
Toilet Seat
Heated Seat
W 15.9in x L 20.8in x H 6.8in
Shipping Weight
17 lbs
3 Years full waranty