Ballarini Servintavola 4.3" Mini Saucepan Set

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Ballarini Servintavola 4.3" Mini Saucepan Set

 From the stovetop to the table, the work of Professional Chefs is not limited to cooking: attention and care to the customers require also excellent service and elegant table dressing. The Ballarini Servintavola collection has been created to achieve the right presentation of courses and adorn the table with style and creativity. Four ranges of small pans made in different materials, ideal to present entrees, side dishes, soups, and all creations come out from Chef's inspiration. Fits ServInTavola Dutch Oven and Sauce Pan.

The ballarini servintavola collection has been created with traditional Italian heritage, style, and history.

Warning: The brass handle of this product contains lead, a chemical known to the state of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.


99% pure aluminum
3.5 mm thick
Brushed aluminum exterior
Neutralized washed pickled aluminum interior
Brass handles
Fits ServInTavola Dutch Oven and Sauce Pan


Substance: Aluminum
Net weight: 1.41 lbs
Height of product: 4.30 in

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